With Lila Poonawalla

It was pleasant opportunity to meet Lila Poonawala, Managing Director of Alfa Laval. She is alumnus of College of Engineering,Pune(COEP). She has completed her mechanical engineering in . Complete information about her magnanimity can be can be read at LilaPoonawalla.com.
I came to learn a lot of learning, inspiration through her speech. She shared few experiences in her corporate life and college days in COEP. I will not write everything, but could few points about here. (And I am not good writer to express 100% what I learnt.)
She shared very nice experiences like negotiating with the labor union. Leader of labor union would come in front with list of 40 demands, which are unacceptable. So, how to negotiate with such tricky situation and let the company run with full capacity? Another experience she told when speaking in front of client and negotiating the pricing of the materials required for company. All experiences she shared tell us the persistence, alertness about situations.
On her 50th birthday, she started Lila Poonawala foundation, which supports poor deprived girls, who cannot complete educations due to lack of funds. In 15 years, This foundation has helped 581 girls for their UG, PG with 783 scholarships. 110 girls have gone overseas for studies.
All about Lila Poonawala foundation can be read here Lila Poonawalla Foundation.
She offered me CD about her foundation just to spread message wherever I can.


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