Save Tiger

[ In one previous post, I have written some information and statistic about decreasing count of tigers on the surface of the Earth. I working for Wildlife awareness campaign with ARKIVE.ORG. ]

This animal is introduced into our life in KG class. Teacher dictate ‘T’ for ‘Tiger’ showing the image of tiger.
‘It’s our national animal’ Its symbol of strength, courage and bravery.
Pictorial image of this wild animal enters into our brain, having yellowish brown and black strips over the body. You may have seen tiger image on the pack of Lipton tea. Rarely people are fortunate to see this animal in Zoos or sanctuary. Now, All species of tiger are in danger. Deforestation and lack of habitat has lowered the number of tigers on this earth.

Save Tiger

If we won’t become aware of endangered animal, all we have to see watch tiger only in photos.

Number of tigers dwindling due to losing ecological balance. This moment, India has only 1411 tigers. Tiger eats deer and other herbivores, deer eats grass. Lush green surface of earth is being replaced with sky rocketing buildings, industries. Herbivores animals like deer are reduced. This caused the death of much number of tigers.

So, Save Earth, Ecosystem. Save Tiger.. Preserve this treasure for future generation..!

What we can do..

  1. Be aware and spread awareness about Green Earth.
  2. Companies should pick up this as corporate social responsibility activity by supporting WWF and such projects.
  3. Status of Tigers Co-predators and Pray in India: It is the geographical survey of tigers in different states and sanctuaries in India.
  4. Project Tiger

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