Rabbit Hole

Movie: Rabbit Hole
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Producer: Nicole Kidman
Actors: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest
Movie is based on drama by David Lindsay-Abaire

“Rabbit Hole” is a depressing movie. Happy going couple in New York goes through turmoil due to sudden death of their son. Movie shows how this couple tries to cope with the absence of its four year old son.

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman plays as ‘Becca’, wife of Howie (Aaron Eckhart). Whole family bereaves the loss of son. Howie tries to relieve Becca saying they could have another angel in their life. But, Now Becca is not prepared for this, because she could not deal with the sorrow caused due to death of their son. Loss of son creates much space in the relation between the couple and brings out many quarrels. To recover from the grief, Becca removes pictures of her son from the wall, she takes out his closes from the house, and she deletes the video of their son from Howie’s camera.

Many emotionally resonant scenes are pictured in the movie. In one incident, she goes for shopping in one retail store. She watches one kid is crying for sweet candy in the shop and mother is refusing to offer a candy. Now, Becca gets emotionally disturbed on that moment, she approaches near the mother of crying kid and slaps her uncontrollably.

In following days, Becca starts following the person whose car has killed her son. She goes along with him for lonesome mysterious relations. After the death of her son, emotions are turned childish and she likes comic book ‘Rabit Hole’ created by this man. Howie also shown moving along with other lady. Both of them redefines their life and relations. This feels disturbing.


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