Women’s Day

This day of 8 March, is packed with fever of woman’s day around. My ADM work team comprises of 22 women and 14 men(including me) making total 36 software engineers. Gender ratio of female to male is 11:7. So, there are 61 % women in my team.
I am watching, all girls came today in office with exhilarating happiness. Few girls were seen in Sari, and many in their own traditional clothing. Couple of girls has received roses in their aerobics class. One team mate has offered Chocolates to all girls in the team. What a good spirit ! This idea really touched my heart. It’s about respect for women and their work. During difficult time of work, these girls stood firm and helped get the work done before deadline.
One of my other teammates, has received a beautiful gift from her boyfriend. She is very happy on this moment. Actually, she received a gift yesterday by currier. I was trying to know what is inside the gift pack? She just showing to everyone with so much proud of her friend. It is a greeting card and a gold colored coupled heart show piece. Each heart has blood red pearl inside. Greeting card has picture of human love birds dancing on front side. If I try to open it, one melodious music starts playing.
In my office also there were some special programs for women. At 11 AM morning, there was photo shoot event for ladies. I browsed the photos of this event. In the afternoon, company has organized Tug of war only for women. All women are invited for in this competition. Two groups of ten women will compete in ‘Tug of war’. All girls in winning team would get a gift vouchars along with rose as prize. It was prize of their vigor and winning spirit. I just tried to enter the crowd along with my friend Vishal. Cybage lawn was really thrilled with feminine element around. Wind blowing around also cheering for women. Group of boys were cheering with slogans like “Come On.. Princess..!”
We have movie Theatre ‘Big Cinema: Gold Adlabs’ nearby my office in Kalyani Nagar. I heard that there is a free movie show for women today.

Women’s Day by Google:After clicking the above Google doodle, we go the web page. Google helps to support, organizations drived to work for improving the women’s place in society. You can donate following orgaziation through google Checkout.

Women Empowerment: 75% of all women cannot get bank loans because they have unpaid or insecure jobs and lack property ownership rights. Women are also 21% less likely than men even to own a mobile phone and therefore to have similar communication possibilities.

  1. Women for Women
  2. AFESIP:
  3. CREA world:
  4. DRESS FOR SUCCESS, Suit to Self-Sufficiency
  5. Emerge Global:
  6. Global Fund for Women:
  7. Girls and Women at heart:

Economic Security: Women perform two-thirds of the world’s work and produce half the world’s food, but earn just 10% of the income and own 1% of the property.

  2. FITE(Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship): help women worldwide start or grow a business
  3. bPeace( Building Peace by Supporting Small Businesses)
  6. Women’s World Banking

Education: Women constitute two-thirds of the world’s ~800 million illiterate adults (aged 15 and over). Educate a girl in Africa and she’ll earn 25% more income, be 3 times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS and have a smaller, healthier family.

  1. Anita Borg Institute
  2. BRAC
  4. MAGIC
  5. Room to Read
  6. Society of Women Engineers
  7. Tostan, Community-led Development

Equality and Leadership: Only 28 countries have achieved the 30% target set in the early 1990s for women in decision-making positions. Worldwide, women are paid 17% less, and have less employment security than men.

  1. Girls Inc
  2. because,I am a girl
  3. vital voices
  4. ZONTA

Health: 99% of maternal deaths are preventable, but every minute a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes. Worldwide, young women (15 – 24) are 1.6 times as likely as young men to be HIV positive. Every 14 seconds, another child becomes an orphan due to AIDS-related deaths.

  1. Engender Health for better life
  2. every mother counts
  3. girls on the run
  4. She innovates
  5. World wide fistula friend
  6. Global Fund for Women:
  7. Girls and Women at heart:

Safety and security: The abuse of women and girls is endemic around the world. One in three women will be raped, beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise violated in her lifetime.

  1. Prajwala India
  2. Somaly Mam foundation
  3. Say No –unite, End Violence against Women
  4. Women’s aid, until women & children are safe

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