Go Green NextGen!

We are living with most possible comfort …. Time is not so far away, when all energy resources will get depleted. Symptoms of that time are visible through food security, few nations suffering right now and growing crude oil prices. If I think deep, price of the same petroleum with price of more than hundred dollar per barrel was less than fifty dollar before few decades back. Price is growing as it getting consumed and we feel scarcity of it. So, Price depends up on the abundance of it, value given to it in none.

Whole human race is waiting to face this situation. We are waiting to start the struggle to avoid this time for next generation. And this company “NextGen” comes up for next generation. It is a energy and environment company, born at IIMB. IIMB graduate Abhishek Humbad has completed research on carbon credits, carbon footprints, the challenges and opportunities in tapping renewable energy. He has published many research papers in international magazines.
Prime purpose of his start up is emission management and waste to energy. NextGen helps all MNCs to estimate their carbon footprints, analysis, reduction and low carbon strategy. This start up has been culminated with support of Software and banking giants like ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Infosys, MindTree and Intel. Company currently needs human resource to start the actual implementation and marketing.

Emission Management:
Company helps to measure, manage, mitigate and communicate environmental impact of their operations.

Waste to Energy:
Biogas Plant: They have developed a urban biogas technology to convert organic waste into energy applications. This magic can be implemented in big SEZ, IT parks and other automation industry. It will really help to get some energy from waste disposals effectively.

[In Progress Post]


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