Pray for Japan

Natural disaster over Japan. Earth quake and tsunami.  What we can do ? Earth quake with the 8.9 R scale has devastate the land. Japan itself small country. What to think much about that little island?  I read the newspaper, about 59 deaths are noted. Even 59 is very less in whole population, you could think the destruction of infrastructure is much larger. Earth quake has damaged most the Japanese industry leaving some side effect around the world. Energy power plants are destroyed. Coal and petroleum refineries are disturbed.  Due to the explosion of nuclear reactor at Fukushima, threat to human health has raised. Copper ore plants are also disturbed.  Recovery of every mass and infrastructure destruction is going to cost much for Japan.

It is good to know many countries has raised their hands for help.  I would pray that everything would recover soon and nature would not play end game with them.
Pray for Japan

About Japan:

Japan is the third economically advanced Country? What? Yes. It is true.

Country that had been defeated in world war II.  Two nuclear bomb has obliterated half of the human race for more than single generation. It was complete humiliating failure. Whole nation surrendered at the moment, atom bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All men stood prostrate, thought little and got ready to build back the business empire, that is difficult to complete with. One could never think Future after 30 years would be like this. I like the present small souvenir of their magical ability below.

History of Japan shows a unique record of social change. They started with absence of industrial pre requisites. Even they didn’t have a firm philosophy or managerial skills. They made best use of Western world and companies built in other parts of the world.  Production of consumer application and capitalistic improvement.

1. Life time work: Retirement age in Japan is much higher than in other countries. Country offer ‘a life time work’ to people and inspire them to work. They sleep less. Promotion and payment ideology is unbiased. As much you work and skills you bear, that much you will be paid.  This performance oriented human resource system, long term employment has turn as inspiration for all business processes.

2.Consume less and sell more:  As population is small,  the same about local market.  In decade of 70, Japanese people started their production for the consumers in other countries. They started exporting the electronics material to USA,UK, China and India. Few times, they also tried to set up productions factories also nearby available market, but plans were not much successful due to envious of growth.Sum to up, local market has acquired internationalization. They were very aggressive in their skills and abilities. It can be put specifically in next point.

3. Internationalization: It involves much more long processes. Business strategy, R&D, production, Sale & Marketing, brand, intellectual property, human resource, financing and accounting etc. Everything they achieved because, employees of these organized considered themselves as part of business. Every person in the organization from Chief executive to the security were of equal importance irrespective of their salaries.

4. Sensitivity Around: Small change in the Japanese MNC is observe affecting the remaining part of the world. Now also, after the earth quake, along with Tokyo stocks, others also dropped by few points.

What one can learn more than the diehard attitude? Their courage to compete with rest of the world.


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