WikiLeaks cables on India

This is really shocking news I read. A month back, WikiLeaks has published all policies and confidential data from Federal government of US. Now, it’s India’s turn. Now, WikiLeaks has published very confidential information about policies of Indian government. If WikiLeaks can publish, US policies which can be considered as very secure, it is not difficult about India. Hindu news channel has tried if they has cables with India and They have found out.

What WikiLeaks has published about India??

  • Papers regarding India’s relations with its neighbours, with Russia, the European Union, East Asia, Israel, Palestine, Iran, and the rest of West Asia, Africa, Cuba, the United Nations.
  • Confidential information about India’s defense cooperation, nuclear policy, arms control, terrorism, intelligence sharing, export control, human rights, Indian bureaucracy, environment, AfPak, and much more
  • 26/11, Kashmir, India’s policy towards and dealings with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, and where the Indian polity is headed.

Find the path to view the WikiLeaks India Cablegate here.
Wikileaks Cablegate means information channel that uncover confidential information. As per the level of confidentiality and type of data, Cablegates can be differentiated into six types:

  1. confidential
  2. confidential/noforn (confidential, no foreigners
  3. secret
  4. secret/noforn
  5. unclassified
  6. unclassified/for official use only

Juliean Assange says “My organisation is committed to openness, transparency, and justice.”


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