Tough Decisions of Hamid Karzai

I surprised to read one news from Politics ‘U.S. Now Trying Softer Approach Toward Karzai‘ in NYTimes. Here is the link.

Hamid Karzai
Hamid Karzai

In the name of ‘The war against terrorism’ and to catch Osama, US has burnt Afghanistan with the advanced military, but In vain. They pretended to become god father by crowning the Hamid Karzai as government elected president. They tried to establish peace and to eradicate the terrorism. Behind the shadow, Karzai has been clear a puppet of US government. Barack Obama tried to inherit the strategy the same as followed by George W Bush. Bush used to have biweekly video conference with Karzai. Obama once expressed that he will take serious actions against Karzai if he ignores the American demands against corruption and drug trafficking.  It was clear political pressure over Karzai.

Whole Afghanistan was dependant on America for food, money and weapons. In this situations, Should the Karzai listen quietly all orders of US? Decisions were tougher. Just see. One powerful president was on one side and powerless puppet on the other side. You may imagine, Karzai had  followed as US saied all times. But, it was not true. Karzai became resistant towards American demands as much as possible. He publicly lashed out words against America. He hosted a meeting with Iran. He expressed publicly that he will join Taliban, if pressure continued afterwards. Suddenly after few months picture changed.  After a one next meeting with Karzai in Kabul, Obama has sent ‘a respectful thank you’ letter to Karzai. Hillary Clinton has approved him as a fellow politician. General McChrystal has followed collaborating approach while dealing with Afghanistan.

Why this happened? US had to deal with Karzai respectfully, because he was the only person who could lead the Afghanistan for required changes. There is no replacement available in place of Karzai. He also knew this 😉 .

Learnings: When You are dealing with peer much dominating than you, you may not submit yourself. You should team up with any other peer with you. Unity is the power. Divide and conquer.

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