Defiance of Muammar Gaddafi

Now, Muammar Gaddafi is supporting his military team to fight with military intervention of other European countries. I have tried to save his defiant speech.

” Libya is prepared for long war. International forces are resulting into terroristic means. But, History belongs to those who hold the Libyan territory. Those who come from behind the seas too cowardly into our land. We are on our land. We won’t give up our children’s wealth, our royal to the American’s Britons, French and to the Christian countries that formed coalition against us. We will not live into enjoy our oil. They have to know we will fight on broad front extending more than 2000 km. Never ever will you be able to make us surrender. This land will defeat you inevitably.”


History of Libyan Uprising:

Libyan protest against the autocratic ruler started on 15 February of this year. Gaddafi has lead the country from 42 years. Now, People need democratic government against the wish of military ruler. War Civil war has broken in the small northern African nation. Gaddafi tried to coarse the civil protest by military force. After long violence, UN has intervened with help of other countries. See the efforts by other channels.

On 17 March UN has been announced as ‘No fly over zone’ over Libya.  Many countries has imposed travel ban over the Gaddafi family and his officials. UK and France has announced military intervention and leadership supporting the notions of UN coalition with Operation Ellamy and Operation Harmattan.

  Some more information about Libya and Gaddafi here.


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