Green India and unreachable goal

Indian government has targeted to convert 33 percent of India’s land into green forests. Doesn’t the goal look achievable? Currently, only 21 percent of India is covered with forests and other green cover of plantations. Environmental minister thinks that instead of increase the quantity of green area, it is advised to increase the quality of green forest that are currently available. As per his openion, more than 40 percent of forests are degraded land. Forest land can be called green when person standing in the forest could not view the sky. India has many major challenges in achieving this goal.

Population growth: Current population is around 1.2 billion. It is growing continuously. So, this pressure may not allow increasing the forests, which are being cut for real estate developments.
IT industry: Most of the IT companies are established in buildings which are not following the environmental norms of Indian government. Air conditioners in IT industry are mainly responsible to increase the global warming. These buildings are very inefficient to meet the energy efficiency level. This is one of the major challenges.
Other reasons: Electricity generation, power plants increase the carbon emission that cannot be stopped.


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