Who is with Mother Earth ?

Earth Hour
Earth Hour,co-founded by WWF (World Wild Federation) first time celebrated in 2007 by more than 2 billion citizens of Sydney. About 2000 businesses switched off lights and electrical equipments for one hour. India joined this event from 2009. Many Indian organizations has participated this event and supported the curtsy to the Earth. This event is organized last Saturday of March annually.

Dependence over the electricity has increased in alarming rate. No single activity can be completed without use of electricity.  Switching off the lights will create the awareness about Global warming issues and consumption of energies.

Who has joined Earth Hour?
India: India Gate, Gateway of India, Chatrapati Shivaji Terminas(CST) has joined this event last year.
Pune: NDA(National Defence Academy) has expressed that they are going to save 1600 units of electricity by switching off lights for one hour across 8000 acres of NDA Campus. Marriot, Hinjewadi is also joining this event.

What you can do?

  1. Switch of lights during Earth Hour and spread awareness around about this event.
  2. Use social media like Facebook to spread your awareness. Keep status message to switch off lights.
  3. Try to use CFL blubs wherever possible. They consume less energy than other incandescent bulbs.
Save the Earth
Save the Earth

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