How to sell Bananas

I purchase fruits from the fruit stalls nearby the auto stand in my colony. There are many fruit hawkers besides the auto stand. I usually get fruits from there. I purchase bananas, oranges or sometimes grapes. Different fruits are kept for sale as per the season. From a week, I was getting fruit from one single fruit vendor, So, I became one of the good customers of fruits. I usually purchase bananas costing Rs. 20. I get about 4 bananas in twenty rupees.  If I would tell about grapes, he sells 250 gram grapes at the cost of 20 rupees and half kg grapes at 35 rupees. It’s a good deal.

Today, I reached nearby the fruit stall looking over all fruits kept over the cart. I was bit dismayed looking at the bananas.  Quality of banana was not good. I was on the way to turn back, but Fruit seller shouted excitedly, ‘Come Sir, Come! What do you want today?’

I uttered, ‘Bananas!’

He said laughingly, ‘I see, you had a nice dinner today! It is best way to keep rough and tough by eating bananas after a meal.’

I even have never asked him about anything. He pleased me by speaking Health tips. Usually, he offers four bananas, but today he pulled five bananas from the heap and raised these in front of me. I some what attracted and took them paying twenty rupees. I pushed bananas into the bag and reached home. I took out bananas  after an hour. I found that bananas were completely over ripened and not good for eating. I found he deceived me for twenty rupees. I thought, I won’t approach again to that banana shop. If he would have sold such bananas for new customer, it would be good, but now he may lose permanent customer. I may find another alternative vendor of fruit.

So, while doing any business, one should not lose the credibility and trustworthiness of customers. This fruit hawker sells bananas daily, but couldn’t attract customers. Fruit shops earn much better than him, because they have permanent customers of fruits.


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