The Persuasive Manager

This time, I took a book ‘Persuasive Manager, communication strategies for 21st century managers’ for reading. I am writing here to tell you that I read good books. It is not only for managers, but for every individual who wants to improve skills in persuasion or negotiation.

Persuasive Manager
Persuasive Manager

Book ‘Persuasive Manager’ written by IIM A professor M.M. Monippally. It is the first book, I have ever read, and that is very well organized. First two chapters are introductory units about basics of Persuasion. Later nine chapters for written specifically to people of different work type. Other chapters are titled as ‘Persuasive Boss’, ’Persuasive subordinate’ and similarly for Peer, Vendor, Speaker, Writer. Last two chapters are ethical persuader and the resistant Persuadee. Book ends with conclusive chapter. Reading all of them would really help in personal improvement.
Each chapter starts with introduction and ends with conclusions, lessons learnt and references. It means, you can find out what you have learnt at the end of reading. References may help in getting deeper into the topic you interest. Examples given in the square blocks are also supporting to the topic. To sum up, Book itself it more persuasive.

Reference links:

  1. IIMA Books
  2. Authors Blog page

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