Human being against forces of nature

Aron Ralston(Hero from 127 hours) had taken off for the mountaineering. He was moving through the canyons spread around the Colorado River. On his way, he reached beside one huge boulder. It was very huge. He utters, ‘human being is very small creature, but how brave it is to face this boulder? Before these boulder and granite rocks were not formed. Land was very desolate and lonesome.’
Standing among the canyons and exploring around is like looking in the sky with the telescope and confusing how we are alone in this Milky Way. Human being is very insignificant race and life is very delicate when compared with the forces of nature and dimensions of space.
He further thinks ahead, ’ I can be picked up by to go out of desolate, dry desert within a single hour. i.e. Human being is distinguished by his brain. Human being is top within all living beings because, we lie in the top of food chain. Our presence is ephemeral.
Forlorn situation make person to think great beyond the limit.


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