India beats Pak in Worldcup Semi Final

Post is more about personal experience than information about Cricket…

I came to know, On 30 March, 2011, India will play cricket match against Pakistan in semi final round of World cup 2011. Match will be held in Mohali, India.  After beating the world cup winner Australia in quarter final, India team has shown terrific performance this year. Now, Final match of India with Srilanka will be very interesting.

In my company, HR Head has declared, all can leave in the afternoon for India-Pak cricket match. When this mail popped in outlook, whole floor clapped with this decision. This is really good decision by HR team.
I entered into cafeteria for lunch at about 12.30 A.M. and it’s great to tell you that, Today, Caterer aunty offered me an ice cream free of cost. I just raised hand with ten rupee note. She uttered, ‘Rehane dijiye Sir. Aj India ka match hai.. is liye.’ I couldn’t think other than India-Pak match until I finish my lunch. My friends had already left the office. Cybage HR team was working die hard to make the live cricket broad casting in best possible way. Two big screens were boarded in both corners of cafeteria. Chairs were laid down quickly before the match gets started. Two big Dolby digital speakers over hauling the campus with bollywood songs, ‘Chak de.. Chak de…India…’ Every single person is thrilled and ready to witness this match. ‘Jitega.. bhai .. Jitega..’ one group giggling and taking snaps of their faces colored with color of national flag. Ohh. .The whole group have wore the sky blue Indian team T-Shirts. That’s the spirit!

Now, I also wanted national flag colored on my face..! I pushed myself out of the crowed and saw, one team of HR & Admin was standing with water colors of tricolor. People were rushing in front of the desks to paint the faces with colors of national flag.

Shahid Afridi and Sachin Tendulkar
Shahid Afridi interacts with Sachin Tendulkar during semi-final

Match at last started with the shower of four continuous boundaries by Sehwagh. He returned back to pavilion with welcome fours. Sachin was looking much confident. Afridi was looking much confused with master blaster. Still, Pak leader trying to motivate the team to perform well. Oh.. I was watching this. I heard from my friends. Cafeteria was jam packed towards the cricket screen. Some crowd receded after one hour. People left thinking; they will enjoy the match at their home. Now, I entered into cafeteria. Today, I am watching cricket match surprisingly. Why? I wanted to watch Sachin Tendulkar making his 100th century in his cricket career. Sachin made his fifty, waved his bat around looking into the sky. Today, he was saved two times. India was doing well with above six run rate. I was enjoying the match, but left when India lost Sachin’s wicket at 85.

India team, cheering after wicket of Shahid Afridi
India team, cheering after wicket of Shahid Afridi

I was returning to home. I was watching, all roads and traffic is clear today. I saw no vehicles on the road. Singles were dwindling with no use. There is no television in my home. So, at about 8 PM, I was refreshing the live score web page to get cricket updates. At the time 9:40 PM, I heard a lot of crackers blown out in front of my house. Neighboring men, women, kids came out of their doors cheering and screaming. A man came out with crackers and blown out with gust of happiness. All kids in colony were shouting.

Here is the final winning score card of India.

India won by 29 runs
India: 260/9 (50 ov)
Pakistan: 231 (49.5 ov)
Man of the Match: Sachin Tendulkar.

What Sachin says..
Sachin Tendulkar, who’s played in every world cup game between India and Pakistan since 1992, is the Man of the Match. “First of all I’d like to thank everyone here for terrific support, without that this wouldn’t have been possible, and not to forget the whole team’s efforts today. We just had to make sure we got to a decent, fighting total. When we started I was thinking of 310 to 315, whch was par score for me, but the way the ball started stopping and spinning, something closer to 270 was par. Going back to Mumbai for this event is going to be a wonderful occasion, we’ve got to be calm and focussed. This has been memorable, and something I will cherish all through my life.


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