Emotional contagion

It is the incidence during Vietnam War in 1955. American army has entered into Vietnam. Army had started mass violence with gun and weapons.  Platoons had jettisoned over the paddy farms from helicopters. Army jumped down with much weapons for mass destruction. Vietnam people were running away to save their lives. Firefighters had started their work. Soldiers were diligently working to disturb the life and social safety. At one moment, they looked in front of them. Six monks, wearing saffron colored robes, were walking away from the mass violence with tranquil steps. They knew the soldiers are killing the people, but steps of monks were unaffected by gun fires. These six human beings have not looked left, have not looked right. They were just walking with nonchalant steps. No one’s face had smear of any fear. Surprisingly, no soldier has dared to shot at them. How? They didn’t fear, but serene look, calm, mind has greatly affected the army.  Army leader also surprised with this moment. Souls of American army was heated, but lowered down looking at the monks.


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