Path towards happiness

Who doesn’t want to stay happy? Rarely few people could live happily and the rest of all remains depressed. This universal fact is because of ignorance. You may have heard happiness is just a state of mind. It doesn’t depend upon any other entity.

Happy and peaceful life of common man has been robbed by many sufferings in life. If you successfully eliminate all your suffering, you can easily achieve happiness. ‘Ignorance, attachment and anger are very common causes of suffering.’ Happy man is one, who had conquered these three devils.

Any problem has to be solved by approaching the root of that problem. This is way which can uproot them permanently. Suffering and painful state of mind are caused due to the negative thoughts coming into mind continuously. Excessive thought flowing long time, lead you act negative action. At the end person gets trapped into troubles irrationally. Concluding, every fact ruled by cause and effect.

Human being always tries to remain in the state of comfort, attainment and desire. Greed takes him to start an action to achieve them, if these are unachieved, person turns into unhappy state. Every human wants, everything around should rule with his wish. So, unrealistic wish is the other reason.

Person can attain happiness by taking the path towards enlightenment. It is the way towards knowledge of your own soul. I will try to write all the possible ways to attain happy state of mind.  First basic step is analysis and awareness of current state of mind.

1. Alertness: As you have learnt the cause of depression, you should be immediately aware about this before it magnifies. It means person should be able to integrate higher level of awareness in daily life. Even though, you are sleeping,working or interacting, checkout constantly intentions of mind and how actions are taken. Practice for few days will make you realize all those things which produce sorrow.  So, Infuse your every acts of body, mind and speech with wisdom, ethics, patience and efforts.  Concluding, awareness will uncover all the darkness of ignorance.

I will move further in this in next few posts.


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