Save Water

I have written this small article to initiate the ‘Save Tiger’ campaign along with ‘Save Water’ campaign in our social awareness group – ‘Go Green’ club.

Save Water
Save Water

What we can see in this image?

‘Birds are starving due to absence of water…’ This applies to all animals and birds, which needs water!

Principle/Social Responsibility: Along with human being, every other life on the Earth has equal right to live. Other life includes plants, animal of all type, terrestrial, aquatic.

‘Why water disappeared? This is due to increased atmospheric temperature caused by Global warming. It is surprising if anyone sees river with flowing water in summer season. This is not at all natural phenomenon, but side effect of human causes. Deforestation, multiplying population growth, industrialization, and pollution are few clear reasons. Major IT, Automation companies are partially responsible. Green house gases are flushed into air by ACs, refrigerators. This gas tears out ozone layer and allowing UV rays to burn the Earth surface. Even 4 to 5 degree temperature cause flood in the rivers, after melting the icecaps of Himalayas. For example, Yearly, flood of Brahmaputra river in Asam.

This is part of actual cause-effects of Global warming.

Why we did tree plantation?
To increase greeneries? But still why? Loss of full grown mountains and forests has erased animal life cycles. We must have heard, Leopards entering into societies. It is because, they don’t have their home now. We rarely see elephants, bears and other animals in future. Forget about Tigers, our national animal! At this moment, India has only 1411 tigers, which are caged in sanctuaries. Government has banned entertainment of animals and birds in Circus. Why? Because, On other side, we have only killed them. Still why? Principle. Tree plantation is effective when we push supportive ‘awareness campaign’ of decreasing animal spices.

What is Awareness campaign?
It is not about only having knowledge, but to spread it around as much as possible. Mails, posters, social Medias like Face book, Twitter are the effective tools. We do plantation to increase greenery, but already grown mountains and forest has been destroyed. India has about 23 percent total land covered with trees, below the actual required limit of 33 percent.


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