Realization of Life

For all the different times for plowing, autumn is the best,
And of all the different kinds of fuel for fire, cow dung is the best,
For awareness of impermanence, death is the best.


Death is certain, but when it will strike is uncertain. Human being strives to live with best of comforts. I saw many, worried about aging, losing youth of life. I think, all those are unstoppable, uncontrolled. Material life of human being is mortal. But, Spirit of man is immortal. What man does during his present moment lives eternal. This is the spiritual realization can help many to grow and stay happy. Nothing lasts forever, but human spirit does. This realization begins to make your life meaningful, to make a difference in your life.

The most realistic attitude is hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.’

I ponder, many think, ‘Death is evil, not to ever think about that any time. These thoughts bring depression, negativity and worry.’ It may be true, but death is not untrue. So, unless one contemplates death, he can’t practice the objectivism of life seriously.

Stages of Life:

Attitude about Life
Attitude about Life


Human body and mind:

Human mind… is like wild horse that can run in any direction, until it is tamed with practice of good ethics and spirit. Human spirit remains immortal. It has ability to change the lives of others.

Human body… is composed of flesh, blood, bones. The whole is no different than the banana tree, which has no core, it is source of all types of physical suffering. But, Birth in the form of human being has very precious value. We are endowed with valuable characters. The ideal goal should be to make this life meaningful, giving life to others, directing their life towards righteous path.


Nuclear disaster in Japan has killed diseased many lives. This realization has helped Indian’s to protest against the nuclear power plants in Jaitapur, nearby west coastal of India.


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