Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull‘,  a story for people who follow their dreams and make their own rules; a story that has inspired people for decades. This inspirational story written by Richard Bach.

I have read this book couple times, rambling over the beautiful words and clear pictures about the sea shore and sky. It is the story of freedom, preseverance, courage, altruism, Love,dreams, and giving back to society. It is about finding your true nature. Seagull bird took flight in the sky, he tried to break his own boundaries and limits. He understood his own self. If you may be anywhere, but TRUE LOVE goes beyond the boundaries of time and space. I tried to write abridged summary, which will become handy to any one.


Along the line of sea shore, Jonathan Living stone seagull, stretched his body, flapped his feathers and slowly lifted his body in the air. He relieved. He tried once, streamlined his flight in circle. He loved floating in the air. His mother worried looking at this experiment.  Mother shouted looking at him, “Get down! Seagull, never fly in like this! If you were bird of bones and feathers. This act is against our tribe of seagull.” Seagull was warned by her mother, Mother has warned him not to dive deep into the sky. But, Jon wanted to his own adventure, he wanted to test his courage and power. Jon didn’t listened to caring words of mother. He went against the tribe, culture and tradition, took many long dives into the sky, went far away from its group. After few minutes, He thrashed with exhaustion on the rock. This happened many times, but within few times, regained his vitality, again did the same  trial.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

This news reached his community, at the end of day, he was brought back to the council  of his group and asked to stand with shame. Seagull stood there with shame for irresponsibility, violating the dignity of the Gull family. Jon refused to be along with group. So, He was being banished from his society.  He didn’t feared so stay solitary life for the sake of his heart and dream. He was told, “You shall learn that irresponsibility does not pay. Life is unknown and the unknowable, except that we are put into this world to eat, to stay alive as long as we possibly can.” Seagull listened all and answered with courage, “Irresponsibly? My brothers! Who is more responsible than a gull who finds and follows a meaning, a higher purpose for life? For a thousand years we have scrabbled after fish, but now we have a reason t live- to learn, to discover, to be free ! Give me once change, let me show you what I’ve found…” Seagull is extradited from the community. Seagull spent rest of his life alone. He was not confused, but firm of knowledge that brothers didn’t acknowledge the glory of this flight, because they are blind.

Seagull learnt new techniques every day, he learnt to overcome dangers during the flight. He got refrained from all sybarite fish food easily available at the shore. He learnt to relax in the sky. He learnt the summer and winter in the life. He achieved the meaning to his life ‘If life is very short, should be lived fullest.


When Seagull landed on the Earth, body and feathers were glowing like silver in the sunshine. Once again, Seagull took off his flight. He was flying with much higher speed than last one. He crossed many clouds within fractions of seconds. It was the highest possible speed for him. He went high into the sky and released body floating along the horizons. He looked down few small seagulls were flocked along the shore. The group welcomed him, as he landed over the rocks along the beach. He stretched his feathers flapped to relax.  Gull found beautiful, magnificent control over his body. ‘Most important thing in life is to reach out and touch the perfection in that which they most loved to do.’

Sullivian, the instructor spoke to him,’ You are pretty well, one-in-million birds. We went from one world into another that we liked, forgot where we had come from and where we are headed to, living every moment. Purpose in life is to find the perfection, every day. Instructor and Gull again took a test flight, looped around the cloud.

After few days, He taught other little gull Chiag how to fly. A month went by. Seagull felt himself more powerful, fun loving, he started learning with tremendous speed.  He was striving to understand the more of vivid principle of life. He heard a voice from his heart, “Jonathan, Keep working on love.” He listened his own heart, turned instructor, changed many lives by teaching them how to fly. Once the time to return back into the sky, Sully utters, “I will miss you if you go.” Gull replied him with reproach, ‘If our friendship depends on space and time, we have lost our friendship here and there.’ Gull and sully has taught many, Seagull found his one brilliant student Fletcher land diving into the sky.


Within six time span, he was making many students perfect in flying. He was teaching among the flock at the place, from where he was outcasted long back.

He gave a speech on freedom,’ Now, We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are.’ The social group of gulls couldn’t grapple this principle and turned hostile towards Jonathan. Only, Fletcher understood, ‘We don’t have to obey the law, if we are not part of the flock’ Both Fletcher and Jonathan took a brilliant flight in the sky.  The whole flock of thousands of squawking and fighting gulls watched this flight of liberation. One bird muttered, ‘Find both of them are outcast, but where on the earth did they learnt to fly like that?’

In coming next days, Both Jonathan and Fletcher started teaching a group of birds. Birds were trying hard to move out in the sky, to liberate. Few gulls in flock, harshly criticized both, ’You are DEVIL, Coming to break our group.’ Jonathan came in front of mob and said, ”Why is it so that the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he’d just spend little time practicing? Why should that be so hard? ’ He got convinced.

“Jonathan was outcast many years back from the flock of seagull. But Now, The same gull comes into group and teaches them to fly, to liberate. You trying hard to find them their own self. How Does he manage to love a mob, that tried to kill him?.”

Jonathan watched, Fletcher and a large army of seagulls marching together into the sky. Fletcher is on the front leading. Now, he is no longer common seagull. He was practicing to lead other lives in right direction.

Jonathan disappeared into the sky flying. His race has learnt to fly and liberate with no limits…

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