What to do on Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April every year. Now, Day is coming on this Friday. I wrote this just to know what can be done ?

History of Earth Day:

Earth Day began in year 1970 as a simple start by college and university students in Canada. Just imagine that this is the birthday of our Mother Earth, even we don’t know when Earth has born. Raise the awareness to reduce the carbon foot prints.

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day

Get know information on Earth Day Cananda website.

Some different ways to celebrate Earth day

  • Celebrate and Encourage: Celebrate and encourage “Green Living” festival on this week. You can use social media or just word of mouth. Speak about this to people around you.
  • Climatic changes going on over the earth and irreversible. It means, we cannot revert back the degradation of Earth, but we can prevent it on time by creating awareness around. Earth Hour, Earth Day, Environment Day are celebrated for the same purpose.
  • Action Oriented Plans: You can try out following options in daily life;
    1. Use energy-efficient appliances like using CFL instead of incandescent bulb for lightening. You can replace current bulbs with CFLs.
    2. Purchase organic food and cleaning products.
    3. User Green bags: Paper bags, which are made up of easily degradable material. Stop usage of plastic wherever possible. Encourage the same.
    4. Unplug appliances not in Use: This will save the electricity.
    5. Try out public transport instead of pulling your own car while local use and travel. Now, you are child of Mother earth, because you have turned environment friendly by reducing pollution and cutting the crude oil consumption.
    6. If you have a backyard behind your home, plant some vegetables and get rewarded with delicious tomatoes, cucumber.
  • Do you have any other ideas, what can be done ? Tell me you story. I will write it on this website Giving you a Credit !

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