Simple Ways To Protect Planet Earth

With the couple of comments on previous the Earth Day blog post, I am writing brief information about the major tips to ‘Go Green’ (some suggested by wordpress readers. Thank you all.

  1. Recycle– If we look inside our home, we find more than 50 percent residential appliances including chair, tables are made up of plastic. Poly thin bags are prepared with non-degradable polymer material and over usage of plastic has turned disaster to the environment. Only usage to destroy plastic is to burn it or bury it underground. Carry bags are also available in the degradable material that is made up from coconut root.
  2. Use Energy saving appliances- If we replace Incandescent light bulbs with CFL(compact florescent light) bulbs, it will save much part of electricity bill. It consume less electricity as well as lifecycle of such bulb is much higher than ordinary bulbs.
  3. Water Saving Taps and showerhead- Low flow shower heads saves much water if installed in residential complexes. Remote detector water taps are also available in market. These water taps are open till the person’s hand is in front of water tap. Such water taps can be used in wash basins in restaurant as well as residential complexes.
  4.  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: We are not aware that many daily usable things in the market are coming in the form that can be recycled and reused. I have listed below recyclable and reusable things below.
    I found one good informative post here by Debi on Chocolate Wasteland Blog.
    Following few ways comes under this principles only, but explained in details.
  5. Books, Magazines and News papers– In coming days, rarely people are reading news papers in the form of hard copy. I myself stopped getting news papers from local vender. I read them on line. Huge amount of paper pulp has been saved because of e-papers and e-magazines, in turn tree cutting has been prevented for this purpose. Many libraries also updating their books in soft copy, so that user can just subscribe the library through internet.
  6. Recycle E-Waste: Computers, Scrapped DVDs and CDs are yearly growing and considered as major part of e-waste. Hard drive, cabinet and internal hardware of Scrapped computers are difficult to recycle. During the recycling, silicon, registers and burned to separate from motherboard and causes air pollutions. This situation has changed in some way. Size of electronic appliances has been reduced.
  7. Used Mobile phones: It is one of the major e-wastes. People use mobile for general communication purpose and entertainment. Competitive technology has made cell phone companies to update the versions many time in a single year. As the mobile versions, designs are updated. People dump away their old phone and purchase new ones. This habit has been increased tremendously. Mobile subscriber has grown exponentially higher. Cell phone is reached till the rural under developed countries like Sudan, Uganda, South Africa.
  8. Avoid Food wastage: It is the good daily habit to cook only amount of food that is sufficient for people in home. If we imagine, there are countries where people won’t get food and some die of food shortage. Food inflation is growing due to reduced cultivable land.
  9. Drive Less, Drive Smart:Whenver you skip using your own car, bike for general purpose, you are helping to reduce pollution. Public transportations are good for long routes. It saves money as well as fuel. There should not be hesitation to use public transportations.
    While going for shopping, men can preper bicycle. Sometimes, it may seem difficult, but China has reduced carbon foot prints by using cycle.Find my previous informative post about Bicycle Sharing Program in China

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