Earth Day by Google

Google has honored Earth Day by displaying very beautiful animated Doodle on this auspicious day. Every Year, Google celebrates Earth Day by different creative ways. The below image is a static image, but on mouse hover animations are triggered.

Earth Day

It is a beautiful, serene place in a snowcapped forest. A rivulet is flowing between two hills.  It is born out of a clamorous waterfall. Water has turned turbulent while hitting the ground and spreading the water all around, making the earth surface damp. This rivulet has supported many plants and animals spices on both sides, while moving through this dense green forest. I disturb the flowing water by taking over the cursor, couple of fishes and a frog leap out of water. One fish shows its might by climbing against the descending water, but as it reaches the top, one dark polar beer engulfs it.

Red, yellow, orange colored flowers are blossomed around some of the trees and lush green shrubs. This forest has housed many herbivorous animals. I could see, a couple of pandas are playing behind the tall grass. At some distance, one lion is deeply slept over the grass. Lion may be snoring after nice meal of panda.  

There are many tree on both sides of river formed from this rivulet.  Braches of trees spread long area around the root. Birds are living happily in the nests among the braches.  As I disturb one branch of tree, a red winged bird takes off in the sky.  One monkey is sitting on  one of the top branches of a tree. As I try to touch the monkey, it climbs down hurriedly.

Couple of snow capped mountain glowing beside this green, blissful heaven. Two penguins are walking over the snow. One of them, playfully, slides and jumps in the river.”

Very creatively animated scene of beautiful nature has been designed by Google. Well balanced life cycle is sustained in this nature. A very beautiful Google doodle !

Last Years Google Doodle (2010): Google has displayed below Google Doodle last year.

Earth Day 2010 Google Doodle

Along with just having Doodle, Google has started investing much of their revenue of renewable energy sources and environment friendly resources. They has invested about $ 168 million on Solar Plant towers in California desert. Find more information about this in one of my previous post.

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