Why IT reigned over Business

Prelogue: Today, I just came to know that Wipro’s consolidated revenue reached 31,099 crore with 15 % growth from last year. More than 75 per cent revenue (23,485 crore) is generated from IT services and products. Remaining revenue is drawn through consumer products, healthcare, retail, energy and utilities. Wipro started as company to sale and manufacture soaps and oil during 80s decade. Now this company has become one of the largest IT service and product providers. They have employed about 120 K people worldwide.

Ted Hoff
Ted Hoff, Microprocessor inventor

Ted Hoff, twelfth Employee of Intel has invented Microprocessor. This invention become starting point of computer age in real terms. Desktop computers are designed with advanced versions of microprocessors (from 64 bit 8085,8086 to advanced dual core Intel processor). Operating systems are designed starting with command line DOS to Windows Mobile OS. Use of these technologies has become obligatory to handle business processes like e-commerce, customer relationships. Now, Most of the consumer world is reigned over by internet technologies. There is no business that runs without spending on infrastructure. Cloud Technology providers are offering the services to many businesses eliminating extra expense on hardware and softwares.

If you look behind the decade, people felt honored to work with calculators, type writers. These hardwares are replaced with computers offering the competitive advantage to every business. What is the basic motive behind the hardware and softwares ? It only enables us to store, process, analyze and retrieve the information, which is available in very complex form. This work has evolved through a separate branch called Data Mining. Paper money have been replaced by debit cards and most of transactions are done online reducing the usage of paper money. Power and resources of IT has transformed from strategic resource into factors of production and business success.”


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