Prognosis of POSCO India

Posco Steel project has got clearance from environmental and forest department of India. many months the rural population in Orissa was protesting against the energy project.

Initiative of POSCO steel project is to utilize the iron ore mines for the economic growth of nation.  Many districts even being rich in minerals remain underdeveloped. Steel can be exported out of India to increase our profit.  Now, government has reviewed all pros and cons of this project and environmental department understood the national benefit through this project.

As much larger population is coming under the covered land, all these people will become landless and their shelters will be erased. They will lose their bread and butter. Foreign investor has promised to offer alternative employment for this affected population.  Proper appreciation of their land will be offered. I expect credible and generous appreciation of land has to be done. People are forced to leave the land, on which many generations lived. Looking towards the commercial value of area, good amount of money should be given to the land owners.

From couple of years, many SEZs have been installed across India. People lost their land and living in covered area. Industrialists has bribed local politicians and leaders to make people leave the land for development projects. Naïve, illiterate population suffered everywhere.

This may happen here also. This can be prevented by company should directly communicated with the people migrating the land, rather than keeping local politicians as a mediator.


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