Water out of Mist

There are countries where most of the ground area covered by desert. Countries like Namibia has no water reservoirs like Well, River in their country. Every day comes with the scarcity of drinking water. One innovative idea is evolved… called Fog harvesting.
Early morning air, coming over the sea is cold, moisture in the air can be collected in small reservoirs to satisfy small scale requirement of water.  One Canadian charitable trust FogQuest, is working to install devises to collect water in developing countries. Devise made of plastic mesh has capability to collect pure drinking water through water vapor in the atmospheric air.

About Fog Quest: FogQuest is a non-profit, registered Canadian charity dedicated to planning and implementing water projects for rural communities in developing countries. We utilize innovative fog collectors as well as effective rainfall collectors to make optimum use of natural atmospheric sources of water.

Size of water droplet is very small, around 1 to 50 microns. Hydrophilic surface of devise holds water holds and gathers water droplets due to electrostatic attraction. This prevent them being picked up and blown out by wind. Collected water run off over the channel into water container. Channel is made up of water repelling material like Teflon.
Geographical Area:
Mountains and deserts where fog is present and water resources are very low, are ideal places for water harvesting.


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