I hope it works out.
I hope things go as expected.
I hope things improve soon.
I hope She find her way out of this mess some day.

Once I called my villager aunt to know about her. When I asked about the work and farming. She spoke frantically that she is living with broken waist and can’t pick anything heavier up. She had gone to Mysore for couple of weeks at her son’s home for better medical treatment. She was discharged from the hospital a week back. Currently, she wears a fabric band of support around her waist to prevent any stretching of the back bone. She still takes medicines regularly. She cannot bend from her waist and away from the work.

I have visited her home this week. I helped her in few of her home chores. She felt much happy this time, because her sons and daughters in laws visited her home. She seems satisfied with her going life. She would not worry because, everything going well, other than her health. Troubles at old age are difficult to recover. Still there is a grace of god, which can heal the wounded life.


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