Top B-Schools need three Qs

Intelligent Quotient determines reasoning, analytical ability of a person. Entrance exams of many courses test this skill of an individual. Exams like GMAT,CAT,GRE have questions on reasoning and analytical ability. In current days, it has become crucial of business schools to look for three quotients collectively. These three Qs are Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient. Managers of coming generation require these skills drastically. Top business schools in India like IIMs, XLRI, FMS consider that only classroom lecture and feeding the information in campus is in sufficient to inculcate the managerial and leadership qualities. Projects and case studies given to student varies between real life scenarios and experimental research analysis. Some business schools are making mandatory internships in rural undeveloped areas, hospitals and places which test social and emotional stints to deal with the situations. Study and research in system make them think ideas that can revolutionize the current system or workflow. Short course on Bhagavat Gita teach significance of business in ethical perspective. Spiritual subjects enlighten the person to cope with the stress and hardships. Some IIMs have made business education free of cost, if they devote themselves few years of management career in NGOs. This idea would encourage the voluntary sufferings for a noble cause and increase the human endurance without basic comfort of life.

IIMA Perspective:
nothing illustrates this better than IIM-Ahmedabads Shod Yatra,an exploration-based course that takes students into remote parts.Our out-of-campus learnings such as the Shod Yatra expose students to tough living conditions,including in slums, says Atanu Ghosh, dean (alumni & external relationships),IIM-Ahmedabad.Such slums are home to the bottom-of-the-pyramid market, key to the long-term growth of emerging economies. Anil Gupta of IIM-Ahmedabad, who designed this course for the institute 11 years ago and travels with students across the country,says the programme has been finetuned recently to make it as difficult for students as possible.The idea is to encourage the concept of voluntary suffering, he says.Students have to travel without basic livelihood and sanitary comforts

(one Exceprt from Economic Times)


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