Education Reforms

What is the purpose of education? Education not only leads to a job making independent, but also it teaches how the life can be lived ideal way. Education turns out to be one of the basic need of food, clothing and shelter.

One young boy, graduate who could not get a job in Tunisia was selling fruits in public market. A group of police in that city harassed and assailed over his fruit store and confiscated the fruits. This young fruit seller set himself on fire along with his college degree certificate. The incidence has created much unrest and sparked revolutionary movements in Arabian countries. Youth that doesn’t get job even after graduation degree shows the sign of stagnating economy. The mob movements raised after this event demands higher educational reforms. Situation of schools, high schools, universities is worse. Currently, many universities in these countries are hold by local political group, that doesn’t care about the future of people.

Solution to this problem lies in having good democratic government, that can form proper administrative groups, to redesign and improve the worse situation faced by people. Uncontrolled and unstable administration is the only cause of problems faced by countries like Egypt, Tunasia.

Universities should be hold by committees that is isolated from political groups and it should collaborate among the employment market.

All problems in society lie in the unstable government that thwarts the political, economic and social growth of a nation.


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