Society in Good Earth

Place of woman in China is same as it is in India, not much developed as of Men. Equal rights are not seen for women.  In all way, it affects the culture of the society that turns male dominating. Discriminating woman is same as discouraging your co-worker, keeping your place higher by deception. The growth of society would be much better where woman could live as the same place as men. Human psychology to tug other one, who is going ahead of you, turns off his growth himself.

I wrote this post just to tell about the Book ‘Good Earth’ by Pearl Buck.  I have read this book couple of years before. This book is crowned with the selection by Oprah Book Club in 2004. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was inspired writings of Perl Buck. He was reading this book during the time, when India was struggling for independence. Nehru had read this book in front of Mahatma Gandhi sick lied on his bed. Couple of people besides laughed aloud, but real truth was that only both could understand the deep meaning in the story.  Nehru could see the human relations and conflict between husband wife relations. The Life of protagonist in this fiction, Wang Lung is shown much materialistic, but this resulted into his own fall out.

Time line of all fictional incidences is from first part of twentieth century.  It is a story of rise and fall of one rich farmer in China. When agriculture is the major source of earning, it is mainly dependant on nature of rain and water. Single drought or over pouring destroys in hand bread and butter. Pastoral picture of country side is clearly stood in front of eyes while reading the book.

About Pearl Buck: She is Nobel Prize winning Chinese Author.  Her major fiction trilogy of Good Earth includes three novels – ‘Good Earth’, ‘Sons’, ‘A House divided’.

For More Information:

1. WikiPedia: Good Earth
2. WikiPedia: Pearl Buck


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