Sarah Palin and her One Nation Tour

Sarah  Palin
Sarah Palin on One Nation Tour


Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, walks to her ‘One Nation Tour’ bus after a visit to Fox News headquarters in New York, June 1, 2011. Palin is on a tour of historical sites between Washington and New England.
Does anyone remember, India’s political party BJP had organized “India Shining: Shodh Yatra” ? It was political campaign by that party to favor the Indians. Was really India shining? Nope. Environment of society made virtually glittering with many promises. BJP usually tried to favor the culture of Hindu population in India. They took help from religious parties like VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad). Even after herculean efforts, BJP failed to make impact over society.
I don’t mean to write this. I was trying to say that similar efforts are being carried out by Sarah Palin. She has triggered off the similar campaign with the pre declared “One Nation” tour. Many media channels are following the trip to provide live Breaking new all the way. It is a good start..! She don’t have supporting political partner but only huge crowd of followers. She remained a positive force during her time of Governorship of Alaska. (She become first female Governor of Alaska in 2006.) She is renowned as intelligent energy analyst.
All her efforts are appreciable. Sometime, She should know, her ego hurt when she resigned from Governor. There are many critics running with equal force against her.
I could not resists to read such obscene posts. Her Wikipedia information page has 324 references. Her website was hacked and wikipedia information page has also being updated many times with slanderous content.


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