MF Hussain Dead

Notorious artist, who has been exiled out of India due to his loathsome, anti-Hindu painting, has left his dead body in London Hospital due to aging. He could live till the age of 95 before his death.
MF Husain born and brought up in India, but he left his controversial paintings behind. Rubbish brain has painted naked and obscene sketches of BharatMata (India as Goddess) and Hindu goddesses. Unfortunately, Hindu community failed to burn him along with his blasphemous paintings.
His few obscene paintings found in 1996 which were originally created in 1970 were anti-secular. He has exaggerated Islam and humiliated all Hindu Gods. His has incited all Hindu people in India. To save the life, he flied out of India and received citizenship of Qatar. He was living out of India from 2006.
He was awarded Padmashri, Padm-vibhushan and Padm-Bhushan, having such honor from the nation he sketched naked BharatMata. This shows his boiling chauvinist mind.

Paingings of MF Hussain: link1, link2


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