I am myself :)

“I am myself 🙂 ”

There is nothing higher than the possession of the self. To gain higher reward of perfection, we must direct our attention to the supreme reality of your own presence.  The true spirit of human has neither commencement nor decay. This spirit is immortal. “To know Him(God), whom we do not know is the true end of human man.  If we suppress this side, you are slayer of your own self.

Below lines are from 45th verse of second chapter in Bhagavadgita.  These lines tells the importance your own self.

Bhagavad Gita

When Arjun is confused, Shri Krishna advises him, “Hey Arjuna, There are three types of virtues(gunas) –Satva, Raj and Tam. You go beyond these virtues. There are  dualities like Happiness-Sorrow, Respect-Disrespect, Win-Lose.  You should work irrespective of these dualities. Go beyond the eternal boundaries of them.  Instead of thinking about material world and collection of this world, think only about your own soul.”

Listen above Gita verse here.


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