Peter Drucker as an Individual

During one discussion in my ongoing MBA class, Professors teaching “Key Ideas in Management” told much more about Peter Drucker, as a revolutionary management thinker. He would many times, start with Drucker quotes. His ideas and concepts still rule and evolve the current management and business practices. One of my colleagues, who is knowing about Drucker first time, told me, He was not a CEO or businessman, but he only wrote management, but has no practical knowledge about management.

His thoughts sounded rational to me. I got the answer of this question, in the preface of book -“Management: Tasks, responsibility, Practices” by Drucker.

Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker

Jim Collins has answered this question long back. He tells  them, “Look out the window, not in the mirror.

Further noteworthy details Collions as he gave about Drucker-

Drucker falls in line with thinkers like Darwin,Freud and Taylor – empiricists all. Darwin wrote copious notebooks, pages and pages about pigeons and turtles. Freud used his therapeutic practice as a laboratory. Taylor conducted empirical experiments, systematically tracking thousands of details. Like them, Drucker immersed himself in empirical facts and then asked, “What underlying principle explains these facts, and how can we harness that principle?

Drucker as an individual:

Drucker could be acerbic and impatient, a curmudgeon. But behind the prickly surface, and behind every page in his works, stands a man with tremendous compassion for the individual. He sought not just to make our economy more productive, but to make all of society more productive and more humane. To view other human beings as merely a means to an end, rather than as ends in themselves, struck Drucker as profoundly immortal. And as much as he wrote about institutions and society, I believe that he cared most deeply about the individual.”

One Drucker quote in last session of “change and innovation”

Innovation is word, rather than genius

.. and very much a matter of discipline


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