Tomas Tranströmer

Landscape with Suns

The sun glides out from behind the house
positions itself mid-street
and breathes on us
with its scarlet wind.
Innsbruck I must leave you.
But tomorrow
a glowing sun stands
in the half-dead gray forest
where we have to work and live.

It is one of the beautiful picture sketch by Tomas Transtomer, a swedish writer. He has won Nobel prize for literature of this year 2011.  As I heard this news, I went through few of his poems, translated into English from here.  Most of his work deals with war, life and nature. It creates a vivid picture in front of eyes while reading between the lines.

I will try to go through his work more in detail if I get a time and opportunity at right time. I am happy to note down my feelings about his poems.


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