When the world turned Jobsless

It was a Saturday. I opened Facebook and it was a bad news and gave me a slow emotional numbness. I saw couple of pop up messages about Steve Jobs. I didn’t care because, Steve Job is as usual frequently in news from the time, when iPads entered into world market. In the next moment, it turned more than a surprise, when I saw a many more wall updates titled, “RIP Steve Jobs!” It really, shook my thought processes to that news, I guessed what would be inside and it was true.  It is not wrong to say, the sea of twitter and Facebook was swelled in the melancholic messages and updates.


“Pancreatic cancer has taken away the Steve at the end, leaving the entire world in mournful silence.”  He was fighting with cancer from last seven years. He was at the age of 56 at the moment of his death.

It was really sad news for me, because I watched Stanford commencement speech a week back. He told three stories in his words-1. Connect the dots, 2. Love and life and third 3. Story of a death.  His speech ends with line “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”All the thoughts are quick inspiring. These thoughts will inspire all coming generations. It is actually grand philosophy to make best out of your life.

I came to know about Steve Jobs four years before, when I was working on the multimedia project in college days and required to install iTunes player.  Apple has made our batch to have on MacOS in our computer lab of Computer Graphics.

In my heart, he was one of the great leaders, who revolutionized the computer, music and publishing industry. All the products that came out of Apple like iTubes, iPods, iPads, MacOS are example of his art and creativity.


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