Customer is king

In any business, the businessman should ask basic metaphysical question to himself like “Who are you ? Whom are you serving? And Do you serve well?” It’s the true story from the case study done by Marketing professor in my MBA class. It really amazed me and I couldn’t stop me placing over here.

It is the incidence told by Manager of Taj Hotel, Mumbai. One Non-Indian family comes to Mumbai and visits the Taj Hotel with their one little kid. After stay of couple of days, Family packs up and returns back to UK. On next day, It is found that, the couple forgot the Teddy Bear (toy) in their dorm room. Now, Hotel men has to return it keep a faith with visitors.(I thought, What Hotel people would do with that little Teddy Bear? Or They could parcel back their Teddy Bear to the address of Family. )

Secretary in the Hotel packed the Teddy bear in a gift wrapping box and sent back to the address of that family. They also sent few pictures of Teddy Bear with notes in that box. Pictures were taken at different places the room, where the family had lived. Picture had notes on them ‘Teddy watching Television’, ‘Teddy playing’, ‘and Teddy having dinner’.

Family whenever comes to India never looks towards any hotel than Taj.


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