War Horse

It is a story of a horse that was tested by war. As per my, it is the best movie directed by Steven Spielberg till date. The splendid horse pictured in the movie fought and survived through the First World War. He successfully escaped through the death trap. The horse was seized from the owner and made to fight in the war. War resulted in huge number of deaths, destruction and casualties. This horse pulled heavy artillery in the war, continued fighting without food for a longest duration of time, overcame many dangers in its life.
Jeremy Irvine in War Horse
At the end of movie, this horse ran treacherous paths in search of freedom. Artillery was chasing it, so as there was no way to escape. Horse courageously plunged over the artillery and saved the life. Again in further, as much it ran and struggled, more complexly trapped in wires and fences. When it was trapped and had no hopes to escape, two soldiers cut the fences and made way from the death. Horse preserved longest duration inside dirt because. So, it was a war horse.

It is a brilliant story of inspiration and hope!


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