Gathering Storms

31st August,2011. Three thousand blue collar workers in Maruti-Suzuki @ Manesar plat, Haryana went on strike. Strike prolonged for 13 days continuously. Car production stopped. World class dominating auto company crippled in losses of 700 Crore.  Company car manufacturing suffered by  around 40,000 units due to labor unrest. What was the cause behind this Mangal Pande revolution? Which was the invisible power that made them victorious? An answer to these questions is a wakeup call to all rest of manufacturing companies and corporate sectors.

Production plant is run by cheap labor labors, which are termed as ‘the blue collar workers’.  Management team of the plant has divided the workers in two categories- Permanent employees and contract based employees. Both of these do the same type of work and equal number of hours. But, classification is done for the selfish purpose of company. Contract employees are hired to serve on time demand of car market.  Their workload and speed is expected to be very high.  Otherwise, they have to face verbal abuse by supervisors, sometimes harassment also. Salary of contract based employee is very low compared to permanent employees. It’s around 4000-5000 per month for 10-12 hours a day. This affected the work environment. Those who were permanent were relaxed. They were free to avoid work many times and take mid breaks as much as possible.  This discrimination made the suffering employees revolt against the company laws.

I was pondering over, how these people united together to act against the company.  Companies have the middle tea breaks and lunch break. Workers used to gather together in group and gossip while having the tea, discuss with each other about their work and also about compensation that they get.  They found something unethical, wrong going against them. The idea spread among all groups and they acted together.


Most of the demands of workers were complied by the company to restore back itself to previous state. How higher managers lynched the revolt is different case. In all companies management is against the labor union.  Here, the way revolution triggered, has a basic principle behind. I worked in service based IT firm more than three years.  I watched, projects are kicked off, run and released successfully.  Team meetings, conference calls, board room discussions are true stimulation behind the success.  The group of people with the same goal come together, discuss continuously on the subject (even they are illiterate about it). They share the feedback among themselves, real one are counted and work out. At the end, they try to make their idea work! It is not only about the project. It is the chain reaction everywhere i.e. in all departments HR,Marketing,IS,Admin  Companies are driven to grow with the united power. Every individual in the company has the dream to succeed.


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