Iron Lady

Movie Iron Lady
director Phyllida Lloyd
Actors Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent and Richard E. Grant
Awards  Best Actress in Oscars

Movie shows the biographical glimpses from the life of Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep acts as Thatcher. She has won Academy Award in category Best Actress. Movie is very inspirational, full of expression. It is somewhat tragic as it shows the mentally suffering old lady who was former PM of UK. Movie expresses the bold ideology and principles by Margaret Thatcher.

Iron Lady
Iron Lady

One very old lady is searching for the bottle of milk through different cupboards in the retail shop. She picks up one and reaches the counter to pay the amount. She peeps into the newspaper on the table “Terror in the Hotel.” she looks scared and confused while reading the heading. No one is concerned about this wrinkle faced woman, but the same lady has marked her name in history as most influential and powerful women in 20th century. She is the first and only lady prime minister of UK.  Movie starts with this incidence.

Margaret returns home and finds that there are bombings in the city and she is not allowed to come out of the house due to safety reasons. Due to her old age, no one is concerned about her opinions and thoughts.  She is suffering dementia and many mental problems. She cannot think properly, she cannot wear her clothes on her own.  She stands behind the door and tries to listen to the conversation going inside home. She tries to understand and analyze what is going around. It feels piteous to see the old age problem suffered by her. Her daughters are nearby but not always to care about her.  Someone asks about her time. She answers-“My youth was the days of trying to do something. Now it’s about trying to be someone.

She has been given her few autobiographies for her signature. She starts scribbling here autographs on the first page of stack of books. She remembers all her life. The whole life stands in front of her.  It is a flashback of many incidences in life. Biography of Iron Lady starts here…

She has born in middle class family. In childhood, she used to work in grocery store owned by her father. Girls walking on the road teased her while working in the shop. After this she progressed in all her activities.

Young Margaret Thatcher
Young Margaret Thatcher

Movie shows most notable moments in her life.  She remembers the day in restaurant when Dennis proposes her. ‘Margaret. Will you marry me?’ She turns very emotional and answers, “Yes. Yes. I love you so much. But I will never be one of those women, who sit so silent and pretty on the husband or remote and alone in the kitchen doing washing up for that matter.  One’s life must matter.. Beyond all Cooking, Cleaning and Children. Life must means more than that. I cannot die washing up the teacups.’ Answer expresses all vision and ideals of a life.

She campaigned elections with Labor party. She thought it was the required. She once said to her husband ‘These men don’t have guts. Someone has to come up to restore the economy, because nation was suffering with many problems like poverty, unemployment, terrorism.’ She enters the politics at very young age. In the every of meetings she emphasized on the actions. We must just get up and do. If any something wrong, we should get up and do something rather than being silent. “She orders everyone to restore the nation at good position. She tells saving the economy of nation is ‘housekeeping’ for the woman like me.”

When Margaret entered the Parliament, she was invited by calling, “Welcome to the man house” as she was the only single lady in the large group of men, but she was able to think herself more able than men.  In the discussion, she seems aggressive and short tempered. Men shout at her saying “Lady Screeches” She boldly answers, “You all should listen what I am saying rather than how I am saying.

She has taken many bold steps after becoming Prime Minister of UK. For example, She wages a war when Falkland Islands were taken by Argentina.  US President Ronald Reagan asks her the reason for waging the war. She reminds him the historical context  “Just like Hawaii. I imagine. In 1941, When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor; Did America went Capen Hand for peaceful negotiations of terms.  Islands were thousands kilometers away from US. No. No. We will stand on principles or will not stand at all. I have done battle every single day of my life and many men have underestimated me before. This will think on to do the same? But they will rue the day.

In the old days, she is consulted by her family doctor. She spoke to her about personal problems. Her husband had left her years and she is fighting the battle single handedly.  She sleeps only 5 hours every day. She needed to remain conscious continuously. When doctors worries asking what people of our nation think about your lonely life, She answer people only feel, they don’t think at all. During the discussion, she teaches a very beautiful quote to doctor.“What are our thoughts become our actions, What are our actions becomes our habit, What is our habit become our characters, And what is our character becomes our destiny.

At the end of movie, when her husband died… She whines and cries out after his departure. Movie pictures very painful moments.  Iron Lady remains all alone.


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