Amazing Grace

It’s one of the best real inspirational movies. It is second movie I watched by Terrence Malick (after The Tree of Life, nominated for Oscars 2012). If you want to know how much conviction man could have, how much he could believe, this movie will show it. You can make a difference in your life if you have inner drive. The man called, William battled against the rigid society and abolished the slave trade running in Europe. He spreads the message of love and humanity throughout his life. He spoke against the human discrimination done with race, gender. He taught the society, God created all men at the same level.

Amazing Grace

Movie pictures real socio political scenarios in Europe during the eighteenth century(1700-1800). It was the time, when Europe discovered the race of black humans prospering in African countries. They started using them to carry out laborious work from them. Rich families in Europe imported black men from African countries like Madagascar and forced them for cleaning, sweeping as well as farming. Bullocks in the farm were replaced by these black men. After few years, it become a trend and merchandising activity. Negros were publicly sold out, auctioned in the market. In movie, it is shown that “Around 20,000 slaves were forced to live together in single large room at backyard of Church. They were hold starving with little food. Many were found diseased after staying in unhygienic environment. Many negros died with thirst or after drinking sewage water.”

The movie protagonist, William Wilberforce watched the heinous crime committed by his society publicly and no one is aware that they are in sinful acts every day. He alerted the whole society living along with him. He revolted against the slave trade.

What we can learn?

The real act of human being is to understand the troubles of another one.  Why the God has created us on the earth? We are all working for the God.  It’s amazing grace of God, to be born as a human being. What more to learn ? Only I could say..

You can make a difference, if you think you can.


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