Environment Week 2012

5th June is the World Environment day and this year nothing new from us.

I’d thought to initiate good ideas to create awareness amongst all in my organization about the environment, its degradation and all those stuff that are harming the ecosystem. From many years, I have been part of CSR group in my company. There are many things, that we pushed ahead to raise the environmental issues through all employees. But, surely there are certain limits for such activities in profit oriented companies and CSR activities becomes part of corporate branding. I know, I cannot stop everything individually, but I could just make many people aware about this.Change should start from myself individually.

This year, We are celebrating the first week of June,2012 as ‘Go Green week’ in. Each day out of the five days in a week has a specific themes.

  • Monday- Save Water
  • Tuesday- Save Trees
  • Wednesday – Save Electricity
  • Thursday- Reduce – Reuse – Recycle
  • Friday – Reduce pollution

We will be supplying information about this theme to thousands of employees in organization. We could only inject knowledge the crucial issues. Being part of Go-Green vertical in CSR team, We have filtered out rich informative content, we will be putting quizzes along with the information provided. While answering questions, Employees have to read the information given to them.


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