Inspiration from nature

Rain has showered over the land and refreshed the sun burnt land. Next morning just after the sunrise, first flower appeared on the earth, opened the petals to receive the rays of the sun. Prior to this momentous event that heralds the transformation in the life of plant, this planet has been covered with flora and fauna for millions of years. This flower may not survive long through unfavorable conditions, but one moment threshold will be crossed with the explosion of color and scent.

This event is not linked to us, but it is the consciousness that struggles for survival and growth. It is the prime purpose of that sampling to grow and spread the charming scent. The new born flower buds have inspired countless artists, poets. It has shown the way of life that is selfless. Beauty of flower could awaken us with its fleeting, ethereal nature, but it is the true nature of every innermost being. It shows the recognition of joy and love towards surrounding ecosystem.

The gigantic oak tree once was little sapling and born out of pea nut sized seed.  The same oak tree houses hundreds of birds through its branches. All earthbound events and forms speak about manifestation of life and consciousness. These are symbols of evolutionary and remarkable progress.

Our Earth, only planet on solar system is surrounded with mixture of life giving elements and habitable atmosphere. Life started with aquatic, reptilian lives. Later adoptable and struggle to survive made changes life.  Few similar light bodies received feathers offering ability to fly. All forms of similar lives are bound to stay on the earth under the force of gravity.

Each lively form on the earth is attached with essence of happiness that let them stay and grow.  These are source of enlightenment and learning. This earth is miraculous laboratory. To witness this, we require certain presence, alertness and right spirit to perceive.

Note: This article was edited for organizational magazine. I am pleased to tell you that this blog post has been nominated for “Versatile AND Inspiring” i.e. Best Inspirational Blog started by Marion . Thanks Marion for this honor!


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