Mind and Soul

Have you noticed the different states of the mind? Once it is peaceful, next moment it could be anxious, worried, confused or directionless.  Every day this mind thinks about hundreds of different subject and it passes through many states. Most of the problems in life are rooted in the way of thinking.  The solution is the renewal the mind and spirit. Thoughts are the only starting point of progress in life. You can grow if you are aware about this. It surely takes time and effort.

Imagine you are speaking with your friend in a noisy clutter of crowdy room. Can you communicate clearly with your friend?  No. In the same way, mind also cannot think in right direction and reach the correct decision, when it is filled with many multiple thoughts and emotions.

What is normal state of mind? It is always busy and addicted to different thoughts. But, Truth is it should not be filled with any reasoning, worry, and fear for long time. It should be calm, quiet and serene.  There are thousands of ways to get disturbed, but very few to be silent.  It is uttermost important to achieve a peaceful mind, which the origin of divine wisdom and revelations. So, ask yourself how much time, your mind is in normal state?

It’s is not simply easy to be silent and thought neutral. You need get it trained by discipline… (In progress writeup)


Note: Article edited for organizational magazine.


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