Gift of Life

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Lines scribbled, while I ponder, don’t follow standards of English or grammar. So, can be called as poem.

Beloved, which gift should be offered?
With your policy of accepting none.
Once paths crossed for short time,
spreading puddle of pearls and music in my heart.

You parted; stab of grief that left some marks,
Awake, alarmed and determined to control and be.
Standing at one end of inaccessible turbulent seashore.
winds were blistering skin, warming this blood in search of you.

Days ended, years passed away.
Time will come when Sun will set,
and night will reign over sombre heart,
Struggle to manoeuvre fumbling breath.

When there was no purpose to be,
I received one to be part of cosmic turmoil,
To hide my face and look your cherubic grin.
So was your gifted presence somewhere in the corner.

World runs like daily treadmill of
getting down the train and chasing another.
Walking or running, I see that horizon,
And your face floating in the mirage.

Safeguarding my presence with full of faith.
When rarely anything is ruled by man.
Goal is to sustain in greater torment,
Staying among selfish ghosts and illness of heart.

Time line of childhood, youth and ageing.
Showing this rhythm of forlorn life.
No furtive meetings, only fight, disconnect and patchwork.
No one is sure I might fade away in next wind.
Leaves floating down branches to reach the earth.

I keep walking, watching colourful canvass,
And your smile, lively presence over it.
I wonder, are you there also,
Your thoughts rekindle my heart,
Strength, vigor rushes into shivering presence.

Story is not unique, I was not alone.
I sailed the ship, spoke with strangers,
More troubled in their own complex puzzles.
Journey leaves me with universal grace.

It rains somewhere at unknown place,
water flows down over dry riverbed.
Birds flock, fly out with renewed glow,
Trees sprout and harvest blooms.
River and its continuous charity!

I welcome you. I welcome you.
Majesty, Let me be yours and pure.
I will sing lasting smile and joyful time.
I shall never know you taught to be myself.
I dedicate my offerings, devotion.
Strong, robust on its own.


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