Below Clouds

I walk along this seashore,
on sand widely spread everywhere,
Hungry tides race over it,
To embrace land green.

Lord sun went behind clouds,
He closed eyes in shame.
He raged, torn away pillows
And scattered clouds around earth.

Trails left behind slow tread,
Will disappear next moment.
Wall will between me and world, miracle unfathomable
Will widen every moment.

Skin blisters with cold winds out,
Flowing rushing over waves,
While blood that flows below skin,
With no consent.

I meditate upon your absence,
Your flight, splendid open wings.
Should I long for
you or separation out of this enclosure

Looking at clouded sky, dark abyss.
I demand, question myself-
Which place do I belong?
Where am I going to?

* I wrote these lines, after a Sharon send a pictures of her vacation and  about her walk along Mangalore beach.

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