Journey called life

Long way to go,
Taking one step after other.
The journey with no end,
See beginning and move ahead.

Taking one step after other,
Through foggy clouds.
This beginning and moving ahead
Through torments of world.

Through foggy clouds, mist, and
Pendulum between past and future.
Through torments of world, worldly charms,
I plan to leave behind baggage of past.

Pendulum between past and future,
I see no high five goals.
Plan to leave baggage of past,
Walk forward and just be human.

I see no high goals.
But if just I ensure to
move ahead and upward,
I will reach somewhere in the end.

If I ensure to
reach somewhere in the end.
Through mysterious, labyrinth walks of life
Long way to go.

* I tried to write pantoum, a form of poem, in which second and fourth lines of stanza are repeated as first and third lines of next one.


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