Salute to real fighter

This poem is my condolence to Aruna Shanbaug, died 42 years after sexual assault in Mumbai.

May her soul find peace, comfort and blissful world!
Only warrior could fight brim battle, heart can live trapped in body bedridden for all full 42 years.
Her world remained inside body of flesh and bones that turned older, worn out in small chamber room of ward number 4, KEM Hospital, Mumbai.
Infinite pain, grief drifted through hospital window days and night, even death crept in shame, cried out aloud, and refused to touch her holy bed.

You -Real Idiot, half headed monster, dirty warm.
Not even monkey could dare to throttle her throat with dog’s chain.
How could you walk free after handicapping, her for rest of her life? That life is worse than staying in jail.
Just an idea left me in fury and fire, fall in deep regret with shaking humane heart.

Those are serving hands of nursing, who repented, protested, kept flame of life alive for decades.
They, one by one, struggled for her smile.
They protested to keep this assault alive, vivid stigma on justice system in this country.
Salute to you nurses, torch bearers of kindness, for your devotion and loyalty toward duty.

What the madness! What a human race!
Even her family turned back to take her in house.
Hospital opened doors for looters, murderer.
The place where wounded are healed, relived, and illnesses are wiped out.

Unfortunately, it’s India, the country where criminals walk free;
corrupts erupt, flaunt, defend, get elected, assault, harass, prey, kill, murder, f**k and s**t.


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