Slice of sin

This cup of coffee, black and brawny, Sugar and sweet- drinking wavering memory.
Oscillating, crazy ride to know truth, trials.
Blond and beauty, seizes, clutches this heart, stands erect on my way, and leaves rushing heart turbulent.
Force of love violets solace. just come together and dissolve.
Look at creatures, wailing and moaning with days of labor, rise and fall like cascade finding its way.
I am stretched out trembling, stimulated, and sinned happily.
Somewhere labor, somewhere peace, tremor or excitation. My way of life, my way of liberation.
Sinner or house full of sinners, devils live in my heart, all magnifying, catalyzing, going high and high.
Show- Which monk says – I am free of sins? Look his selfish drive, desire of doctrine, Work for god who nowhere exists for atheist.
Sunshine- Bright, flashy, splash of all colors, lasts like slice of sin that burns flesh and fire.


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