Rose Left in a park

Sober wilted petals, red and shades of pink,
All scattered, mixed with sand,
hidden amongst leaves
drifted down the park.

I born, sprouted out of green steam
surrounded by thorns,
I set to blast colors,
smoke of aroma.

Whatever you wear,
I am here to bloom your love.
My beauty, your passions,
I will last in short, as life does.

Strangers pressed below shoes,
stories vanished, and
I turned into dust,
from master of creation.

Those greedy eyes I gathered.
one plucked me for few pennies,
and hold close to nose,
sniffed, charmed with aroma.

He remembered her,
recalled memories, meetings,
longed for her tender voice, and
frail curves.

I was passed
from one hand to other.
uplifted wave of romance,
Fury of waves attacking shore.
I witnessed from tables.
Both mingled, exchanged kisses.
As they lip-locked
both melted, dissolved together,

Joker did his job,
to steal her heart,
won her flesh and body,
just to lock into his house.

I was at start and nowhere else.
He coarsed her,
kicked broken petals,
to place no one comes.

Love was replaced with sinister,
Happenings, fear.
She staggers, search for water,
Lips whisper for her share.

She tears me and eats in regret,
“is it what world, real one”
She is with me,
broken pieces of lonely heart

No Love, laughter or light,
No caring meets and merry.
Just tears, violence and fight,
Wait for time to pass by.

Sober wilted petals, red and shades of pink,
All scattered, mixed with sand.

Below Clouds

I walk along this seashore,
on sand widely spread everywhere,
Hungry tides race over it,
To embrace land green.

Lord sun went behind clouds,
He closed eyes in shame.
He raged, torn away pillows
And scattered clouds around earth.

Trails left behind slow tread,
Will disappear next moment.
Wall will between me and world, miracle unfathomable
Will widen every moment.

Skin blisters with cold winds out,
Flowing rushing over waves,
While blood that flows below skin,
With no consent.

I meditate upon your absence,
Your flight, splendid open wings.
Should I long for
you or separation out of this enclosure

Looking at clouded sky, dark abyss.
I demand, question myself-
Which place do I belong?
Where am I going to?

* I wrote these lines, after a Sharon send a pictures of her vacation and  about her walk along Mangalore beach.